Cambridgeshire Personal Stylist | Lolo Lovett

I'm here to help you build your confidence through your clothing

Confidence is everything. It’s key in promoting a positive mindset. It increases your self-esteem. It helps you to perform at higher levels in your personal and professional life. It makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, potential business partners, new friends and even to yourself (when you catch that glimpse in the mirror). It makes you feel good and and it enables you to be your best self. 

My mission as a stylist isn’t to change you, its to take you up a notch.

I will help you to align who you are, what you want and where you’re going with your clothing. It’s about finding the balance between your identity (who you are) and your image (how people see you). We’ll work from the inside out so you feel comfortable and confident and others will see the true you. It's amazing how the smallest changes can have the most magnificent results.

Why hire a Personal Stylist?

Like it or not, clothes speak volumes about who we are, how we see ourselves and how others treat us. But life happens and sometimes it’s easy to become comfortable and even a bit lazy then before you know it, you’re in a style rut. It doesn’t have to be that way!

I truly believe that my sessions are an investment in yourself. Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons (or both), I guarantee afterwards you’ll feel instantly gratified – and it will have a lasting effect. After all, life is too short to not be the best version of yourself!

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