If you know what you want but aren't sure how to achieve it, I can tailor a session to suit you and your style needs

Sure you want to look good every single day, but occasionally there are those times in your life or special occasions when you really need to up your game! 

I am happy to tailor my services to suit your needs, whatever those may be. Here are a few examples of Bespoke Styling Sessions I can create:

Weight loss/gain - If you've recently undergone a weight change, it's likely that most of your clothes no longer fit. Sure you'll need a different size but your shape may have changed as well - I'll teach you how to best dress it. I'll also help you navigate new styles and help you make the most of the new you. 

Bridal - if you need help understanding what shapes and styles will suit you best, want to know where to shop, or need help achieving the dream you've pictured since you were a little girl, I can help. Whether it's just advice or a full sourcing and shopping trip, I'll be there for your big day.

I'm also happy to work with brides who hate shopping and aren't 'girly-girls' - I promise it will be a fun and painless experience! 

Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride/Groom - Whether you have an idea in mind or need help visualising one, I can offer both creative and practical advice. I've done it all from sourcing complementary bridesmaids gowns to suit a range of shapes and sizes to helping young mother-of-the-brides break out of the traditional stereotypes of dress suits - but still look fabulous and appropriate. 

Corporate - as the saying goes, you need to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. I can help you achieve this goal whilst also preserving your own unique style and personality. I also offer corporate workshops. 

Photo shoots - if you're going to capture yourself forever on film, then you should be sure to look your best! This is a great service if you need photos for professional use and/or marketing materials and blogs. I work with a great team of photographers and make-up artists that I'm happy to refer you too as well. 

Holiday Packing - Sometimes it's hard to know what to pack when you're limited by baggage allowance. I'll help you create the perfect capsule wardrobe so you can pack light but by ready to go for whatever your holiday may entail. 

This is just a selection of the occasions and circumstances I can create styling sessions for. But it really is a case of anything goes. Whatever is happening in your life, I can style you for it! 

Bespoke sessions really depend on your needs. They may entail creating outfits from your current wardrobe, shopping for new clothing, or a mixture of the two. Please contact me for a chat so that I can adequately access your needs. 

Please contact me for prices. 

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