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Laura, Probation Officer - Luton, Bedfordshire

Well Lauren! What can I say, it's a been a week since our shopping trip and you've turned me into the girl I never knew I could be and I'm loving it! I'm actually paying an interest, no, really enjoying thinking about and putting together my outfits for work and play. I never thought I would feel so comfortable in nice clothes. I've had so many compliments. It's weird but nice.

Thank you!


Suzanne, Business Owner and Mum - Chelsea, London

Lauren is an amazing gorgeous girl and I feel like a different person since I met her! We did a fantastic detox session which resulted in me getting rid of so much clutter it was scary!! 

She listened to me, asked loads of questions and totally "got" who I am and who I want to be style-wise after only a couple of hours - she worked "with me" not against me - I was worried a stylist would want me to be something I was not - Lauren is not like that at all - she gently persuaded me out of some horrific ideas and cajoled me into trying new stuff and being brave with my choices! 

We had a short shopping session too and she had an eye out for ME the whole time. The girls in the shop, despite trying hard to help, were not a patch on her careful study and knowledge of me - I will be doing more shopping with Lauren - in fact, I may never shop alone again! She saved me money by steering in the right direction and giving me ideas on how things could work. Fab, fab, fab! Do it!!!


Antonina, Business Coach - North London

I had my closet stuffed full of cast offs, outgrown items and pre-pregnancy clothes. None of these did anything for me in terms of style, substance or confidence and occupied physical & mental space. I got shocked when Lauren asked me to show her what I wore in the last 3 months and it was 10% of what I owned. We had a good clear out and she gave me good tips and tricks, as well as, a petani loses report on what to buy from now on.

I am donating, throwing or selling the stuff we clears and from the money I make, going shopping with Lauren.

The whole energy around my house and wardrobe has now shifted, and thus is only the beginning. 

Brilliant day, highly recommend. Lauren is warm, personable, compassionate and understanding. Get it before the price doubles! X


Jo, Director of The Little Branding Company - Luton, Bedfordshire

Oh my goodness - what a fabulous and throughly enjoyable morning I spent with Lauren Lovett detoxing my wardrobe or 'closet' as its now called - we have removed 'earth mother' garments and fake hair extensions and some rather tired and ill fitting pieces... I can actually see what I have now - everything is neatly arranged in colour and I can move the stuff around - plus we have items with 'expiry date' labels on, a bag for the tip - a bag for the Car Boot Sale and a stack of stuff for the consignment shop and a small pile for the dressmaker.

I would so recommend the wardrobe detox with Lauren Lovett of Lolo Lovett Style - I've got my next session booked in already and cannot wait!!! Thanks so much Lauren xxx

Following a holiday packing session... 

Thank you so much for my capsule holiday wardrobe - I am surprised by how little I have in my case but I feel so relaxed and sooo happy with it - you are totally amazing at what you do Lauren - I would recommend whole heartedly having a chat with Lauren Lovett about what she can do for you - normally I am the one with the heaviest case and well over my limit and I end up with a suitcase full of things that don't match and unworn at the end of the holiday, but I feel totally styled - I also have space in my wardrobe for treats. Everyone needs a Lauren Lovett in their life - thank you Lauren - cant wait for our next session xx


Wendy, Full-time Mum - St Ives, Cambridgeshire

When my children started school I realised that all I ever wore was blue tops and jeans to do the school run. I had also got into a clothing rut in other aspects of my life e.g. Outfits for evenings out etc. I wanted to look stylish and 'put together' like the school mum's I saw that were stylish and cool.

I found Lauren through a google search and was immediately attracted to her approach to putting together an appropriate wardrobe of outfits to fit a clients lifestyle whilst challenging them to try 'new styles and colours'.  I have had both a wardrobe detox and personal shopping session and was not disappointed. I now have many different outfit combinations using items I previously owned and new purchases. My outfits have been catalogued into a 'look book' which helps me to put together an outfit quickly during the morning rush. I cannot wait for my next personal shopping session and would not hesitate to recommend Lauren.

Thanks again and I can't wait until our next shop - I feel so much more confident now!


Max, Graphic Designer - Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire

I can't overstate just how useful I found both Wardrobe Detox sessions! The joy of clothes and dressing has returned and I now feel confident in my choices again. Both my husband and daughter have commented on my wardrobe choices, so I'm really pleased! Thank you again!


Amanda, Professional and Photographer - Laindon, Essex

Couldn't recommend Lauren highly enough! She was so kind, understanding and patient going through my wardrobe for the detox and then when we had the personal shopping session she was spot on with what I wanted to achieve. I trusted her implicitly and have some amazing outfits to show for it! And with the look book I no longer have to stare into my wardrobe wondering what to wear as its all there on my phone!


Debbie, Health Clinic Manager - Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Lauren recently visited me and went through all my clothes. It was great to have a good clear out! Also gave such good advice regarding changing the way I wear my current clothes but also put together a shopping list and personal style profile for future purchases. I would highly recommend Lauren and the services she offers.


Maya, Holistic Therapist - Dunstable, Bedfordshire

Lauren has done amazing job clearing my overflowing wardrobe. Not that she helped me by explaining why certain things work for me and others not, but she came up with new combinations and styles that never occurred to me. I'm looking and feeling brand new, and I can't wait to do a lot wiser and practical shopping ;)


Becca, Full-time Mum - Brampton, Huntingdonshire

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you Lauren, since my Lolo wardrobe detox a couple of weeks ago, my new streamlined wardrobe is working brilliantly. I am finding it much easier to chose what to wear each morning and with your ideas and advice I think I am looking better when I walk out of the door. You were so easy to work with, it was a pleasure. Wish I had done something like this years ago!


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